THe professional series

Our premium mag drill range, the Professional Series is a collection of feature-rich, high performance drills designed to cut through the hardest metals. With all of our unique Unibor technologies included, this range is built for drilling the most difficult materials in the toughest environments.

The ultimate mag drill range

With all the power, strength and features you need to get the job done, this is The Professional Series, only at Unibor.

The E35N/EQ35N Mag Drill

The ideal site tool for various drilling applications, fitted with a powerful motor and extra long stroke

The E50N Mag Drill

A robust all-round tool with the flexibility of variable-speed gears and a powerful motor.

ELP50 Low Profile Mag Drill

The compact drilling solution, ready for tight spaces and difficult angles.

The E50 Auto Mag Drill

With its unique fully-automatic function, the E50 Auto pairs unbeatable efficiency with impressive power.

The E50FRV Mag Drill

Featuring DrillSmart, variable speed and a reversible motor, the E50FRV combines a range of features perfectly.

The PiM50 Mag Drill

Ideal for drilling and tapping uneven surfaces, the PiM50 is the ideal pipework metal cutting tool.

The E70 Mag Drill

Powerful, tough and full of features, the E70 is built to take on tough metals.

The E100/E100FR Mag Drill

Ready for the hardest surfaces, toughest jobs and most difficult conditions, the E100 is prepared for anything,

Mag Drills and Annular Cutters, A Perfect Combination.

British Manufacturing, American Power.

Featuring Unique Technology, Found Only At Unibor. 


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